Bitte nicht schissen!!! (pedrodon) wrote in moto_ru,
Bitte nicht schissen!!!

Нужна помощ в Ебурге

Друзья, простите за наглость, а в Ебурге ни у кого знакомого механика нет?

на кочсерфинг группу про мото чел запостил вот это. Было бы здорово еслиб ему помогли:

Hello, I'm David, a swiss guy traveling trough Russia by Motobike. I'm in Kazan at the moment, and I have some problems with my motorbike, tomorrow I'm driving to UFA and on the 18 evening I shall arrive in Ekaterinburg.

Can somebody recommand me a motorcycle mechanic in Ekaterinburg? Eventually give me his phone number and address. I almost don't speak any russian so if you find somebody that speaks english it would be easier.

I have a BMW R80 GS from 1991 and the fork seals are leaking, I have a spare set with me, fork oil as well, I know how to change them, but not enough good to make it alone...

Idealy I would like to do this on the 19th.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a russian phone number now:

my blog:

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